Zephyr: An Anarchist Roleplaying Game Of Fleeting Identities

Created by Federico Sohns

Travel across the wandering, sentient landmass of Ophoi on a strange journey to fulfill sacred obligations and find your way back home.

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Update #14 - Surveys Notification!
about 1 year ago – Sun, Apr 09, 2023 at 06:32:13 PM

Hello kinfolk!

I wanted to make a quick update today since I'll be starting to send out backer surveys this month, so expect to be receiving an email soon. Last project we did, I sent the surveys quite late since we were dealing with all the shipping issues of both the pandemic and the change of warehouse, which ain't the case this time, so now you'll have plenty of time to fill them out (and, in case of a change of address, notify me to [email protected])

Aside from that, not many news on my end! The Patterns section is coming out good, I'm filling out a few more entries for the Creature section, and I've added the last mechanic I had been cooking for the game, Entwining, about which I will talk in the next update :D

Also wanted to chuck out a quick reminder to folk that backed the project at the Kingsnatcher and Gods Unravelled level to contact me so we can build y'all characters and illustrate them :)

That's all for today!

See you in the next one,


Update #13 - Kings & Clans Preview!
about 1 year ago – Sat, Apr 01, 2023 at 10:30:11 PM

Hi kinfolk!

A quick one today, but one I had been working on for a while :) I made the writeup on Kings and Clans for the book, and exported it as a preview so folk can take a look, specially those of you who went for the higher tiers and gotta pick a clan for featured characters!

Next up I'll be continuing with the Patterns and finishing the character creation comics. These are coming up nicely :) 

Given the current rhythm, I'm starting to ponder on when it's likely the game will be finished. I'm kinda thinking that at a relaxed pace, July sounds like a good point to aim for the PDF release.

As usual, I'll get back to y'all around the end of the month. I'm also about to pin down the shipping rates so it's likely I'll send out surveys soon - in which case you'll get a notification through these updates and through Backerkit.

Remember too that if you wanna chat Zephyr, Nibiru, or anything on games art or whatever, we got the discord set up!

Best wishes,


Update #12 - Mid March Update!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 14, 2023 at 11:14:24 PM

Hi kinfolk!

I wanted to reach out earlier than I said because I had stuff I wanted to share :) the past few weeks have been very tumultuous, I moved to Tokyo but my visa application got rejected, and went into a big scramble to be able to reapply and have enough time to leave if needed. It was a very traumatic event but fortunately I'm in good company and working in Zephyr, as always with my work in RPGs, signifies an escape that always makes my days brighter. The past two weeks I basically finished the assets that will fill the whole Patterns section of the book :)

 With those finished, I started to write up the remaining Patterns and lay them on the book. I'm still mulling them over, generally I tend to give myself plenty of time for the best ideas to filter out when writing these, so with the spread assets done I'm comfy in knowing that this chapter is more or less done!

After that, I started to write the fifth story for the character creation comic :) it's a myth about the origin of the sun. I think folk will really like it.

Lately, what I'm doing is to finish the spreads for the Clans, and make each clan's writeup. I wanna do this now particularly because, for those of y'all that went for the higher rewards, you'll want to know the differences between each clan so you can choose for your character accordingly! I'm very happy with how these pieces are shaping up. 

Wind Clan:

Frontier Clan:

Moon Clan:

And the Earthenfolk one, which is a work in progress and will take a couple of days since there's a loot of detail in depicting the Bowing Citadel:

Some details:

Once those are set with their clan writeups (which is... all but the Earthenfolk spread) I will reach out to those who got the bigger rewards so we can start creating your characters :)

That's all for the day! I'll get back to you around the end of the month. Also, by the way, the game is now open for preorder so if you had friends that wanted in, that chance is open again!

Many thanks, and best wishes,


Zephyr Update #11 - On Kings
about 1 year ago – Sun, Feb 26, 2023 at 06:14:11 AM

Hey kinfolk!

This week is a big one for me since I'm moving moved to Tokyo and I'm on the soul crushing wait to know if I'll get my visa accepted or not to stay in the country, but even then I didn't want to stop writing this update this weekend since I really like the topic at hand, it allows me to nerd out about anthropology and talk about the kings of the Windfolk!

It may sound counterintuitive at first, but kingship as a concept has coexisted within the framework of egalitarian societies as much as hierarchical ones, specially if we remove ourselves from the European context. But... what are kings? Essentially, they are entities with authoritative power, which have a social role but sit outside of society--isolated and unable to form bonds with members of Windfolk society. In Zephyr, this takes a very extreme form: Kings of the Windfolk are taken into deep mountain tunnels, forced to drink ammonium (the strange substance that make things grow unnaturally large), and chained to huge prison-thrones. Over years, consumption of ammonium stretches their tissue, breaking the sentimental fabric of Zephyr and turning them into half-dead colossi of uncanny demeanor.

Kings have two distinct functions for the Windfolk. First, their flesh--rid of the historicity and sentimental weight of Zephyr, turned into pale, empty husks of ammonium, can be carved to give shape to the crystals that are found in the chest of every Windfolk. In this way, the King is seen partly as a source of life--with each clan being bound in this manner to their monarch. 

The Wind clan claims descendance from the Marooned King--from whom they said they learned the gift of gliding. The Moon clan claims descendence from the Formless King--the oldest of them all, a monarch that has grown so large from centuries of ammonium consumption, its body has bled into miles of underground rivers, crystalizing into entire caves as well as having part of their body carved into the foundations of the citadel at Hollowpeak. The Frontier clan claims descendence from the Stolen king, which was sacralized through the body of one of the first lords of the Salt States--a sort of vengeance for the attrocities committed by them Salt Lords. And then the Earthenfolk who, well, don't have a fixed king. They in fact have had many, since their customs tend to emphasize the "disposable" nature of kings, and so they are constantly seeking for new ones.

The second use for kings is a bit more nuanced. Basically, they play a very particular part in that they are the ones who decide over the kind of life and death matters that could threaten the very fabric of society. If anyone else, a Windfolk, were to be forced of making said choices--say, who should be given a limited dose of a medicine during a plague, or any such terrible choices--, they would be not only charged with an unsurmountable amount of guilt, but also would be forced to showcase all their allegiances, their secrets and desires in public. This is a violence the Windfolk wish to spare anyone who partakes in society, and so delegating that to a de-socialized being like the King is their solution.

That's basically it! While this week has been very hard to do anything due to everything happening in my life, I was working on a new illustration for an Earthenfolk King, I'm having a lot of fun with it:

Next week, things should be back to normal so I can return to my usual illustration rhythm :) also, just to clarify since I had several people asking: I will indeed be offering my previous game, Nibiru, to purchase with the upcoming pledge manager stage--so folk who want both games don't have to pay to ship twice.

Hope you have a nice week! I'll be back soon, probably during the last week of March (like in my previous projects, I tend to stick to a routine of updating at the end of every month!)

Take care,


Zephyr Update #10 - The Campaign is Over!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Feb 20, 2023 at 03:28:44 PM

Hi Kinfolk!

The campaign is now officially over and we are on our way to make Zephyr real! YAY! Thanks for all your support these past few weeks, and for your comments : D I feel like over the years, Araukana has been steady in creating a small but really passionate audience that really enjoys these worlds, the way they are communicated through design and art, and have been really supportive throughout the way. I'm glad I can continue to live off of my passion and be excited about the stuff I'm making!

I wanted to talk briefly about the current state of the project and the future. At the moment, I'm finishing the character creation comics so that I can playtest this last bit, making sure character creation is crisp. I', 4 out of 6 on these, so they should be done soon. On the side, I keep on working on some spreads - here are a couple of them (one for the Frontier Clan section, another, a quadriptych for the locations section). I don't tend to have a strict, step-by-step approach regarding illustrations, I work in the order of what I feel like finishing first the most :P so what I'll do is, once a piece is done that allows me to lay out and upload a new chapter, I will do so! Like with my previous projects, you'll be able to check out the chapters as I knock them out through these updates - so if you are among them who have been reading the uploaded material and are waiting for more, stay tune to these updates!

I don't have much more to say today, since I'm getting ready to move to Tokyo now, and wish to rest for a bit - but I'll be back on the weekend as usual to unveil more about the setting and the game :) see you then, and once again, many thanks for helping make Zephyr real : D

Best wishes,